East European Jews began coming in large numbers to Colorado in the 1880s. Most of these Jewish families eventually chose to settle in the West Colfax area of Denver, making it an East European Jewish enclave. There was some conflict between the more Americanized German Jews who had already integrated themselves in Colorado communities and the new Jewish immigrants with their “Old World” customs.

The following are just a few of the capable women who lived on Denver’s West Side. Channah Milstein personally collected funds for the poor, and Mary Kobey, a respected midwife, was known as the “angel of mercy.” Etta Miller Robinson died in childbirth, but her son Sam helped grow the family business into the successful Robinson Dairy. Anna Ginsberg Hayutin was a devoted wife and mother and a prolific creator of embroidered and crocheted household items. Golda Mabovitch (future Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir) lived in the West Colfax enclave with her sister from 1913-1914.