By Suzanne Vilmain

[Santa Fe, N.M. : Counting Coup Press, 2009]. N7433.4.V55 A47 2009  

"I was introduced to Suminigashi using the store-box colors and cardboard circles of ink distribution. I used it as a background for a broadside where I filled the tray with black and vermilion inks to create a sandstorm effect. Then I saw a YouTube video in Japanese of a man demonstrating the traditional style of 'spilling ink' in multiple concentric circles and then blowing on the surface. It was an evolutionary change in creating a variety of lines, breaking the tension and pushing the ink. In 2008, I did an edition of haiku poetry by Terry Ann Carter called 'Road Trip' with a Suminigashi cover and insides and letterpressed over, so each one is unique. This past summer 2009, I've been teaching Suminigashi outside my yurt studio under a Russian olive tree and using the breezes both to [take advantage of] cooling temperatures and [to aide] the Suminigashi flow. Presently, I'm learning sumi-e brush painting and combining the two forms of line to create an entirely new alphabet of line"--Suzanne Vilmain.

One-of-a-kind. Signed and dated by artist.


An Alphabet of Line

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