By Helen Hiebert

[Portland, Or. : H. Hiebert, 2010]N7433.4.H5424 A47 2010

"A book in the form of a unique lantern structure Helen Hiebert developed for her book, Paper Illuminated. Each panel of the shadow lantern features an alphabet letter cutout that casts a shadow onto a second layer of paper. The letters are in the Arts and Crafts style font designed by Dard Hunter, often referred to as the father of hand papermaking in 20th century America. Composed of lightweight wood and paper panels in an accordion book structure, with a flexible [Japanese] hinge that allows it to be set up in a variety of ways. Each shadow lantern is stored in an architectural handcrafted box designed and produced by Claudia Cohen. The colophon is letterpress printed by Diane Jacobs of Scantron Press"--23 Sandy Gallery website

Artist statement from her website. 

University of Denver Libraries' copy is number 13 of 25.


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