By Dave Buchen

[San Juan, PR] : D. Buchen, 2001. N7433.4.B83 A73 2000   

"I started making books after moving to Puerto Rico and finding myself in artistic and linguisitic crisis. I had worked in theater till then, with a group from Chicago, Theater Oobleck, that is very text based. In Puerto Rice, I found my Spanish manageable to eat and greet but not to spin a story.... And so I began to print books. I had for years printed posters and calendars, but books, and 'children's books' no less, offered me the chance to work with a minimum of words, that could be proofread, and could stand in for much more complex ideas." - Dave Buchen from Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC website.

University of Denver Libraries' copy is no. 54/100 in limited ed.


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