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Oral History Interview with Oren F. Bridwell

Oral History Interview with Oren F. Bridwell
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steel industry and trade: united states: history: 20th century
Cassette Tapes: Nakamichi Dragon, Nakamichi cassette Deck 1 Reel-to Reel Tapes: Studer A80, Studer B67, Otari MX-55, Revox A700 DVD: Pioneer DV-434. Analog/Digital converter: Prism Sound Dream ADA-8XR; Prism Sound Dream AD-2; Computer Hardware: 3 (total) Intel Celeron 1.8GHz/224 MB RAM PC's (made by PowerSpec), each with a Firewire hard drive (2 made by MicroNet, 1 made by LaCie) and M-Audio Delta Audiophile (internal sound card). External Firewire Hard Drive; Computer Software: Windows XP; Steinberg Wavelength 4.0; Sony Soundforge; Other devices: Switcher to allow monitoring of multiple transfers; Basic Map: Playback machine-Analog RCA or XLR-AD converter-AES (XLR)-M-Audio Card-Software-External Firewire Drive, Oren F. Bridwell worked as a navy operator and was sent to work in Denver in 1945. He left the navy in 1947 as a LT. Commander. Before working for the Navy, Bridwell worked at the Climax Mine in Leadville, Colorado. After a strike, he went to work with an insurance company that was created by the coal operators. They couldn't buy insurance any other way, so they all contributed to the one they created.