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Story of the Spirituals Project

Story of the Spirituals Project
Jones, Arthur C.
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As an introduction to the history of the Spirituals Project, Arthur Jones recounts his early experiences in music beginning with his participation in the New York City All City High School Chorus, to his training in and career as a practicing psychologist, and to his return to music after 25 years by performing spirituals in fundraising events. He discusses his compelling need to educate people on the meanings of spirituals, Southern religious folk songs created and first sung by African Americans in slavery. In order to further the education effort he planned a documentary film on spirituals from which the Spirituals Project emerged. During the process of working on the film, he received grants for a national networking oral history project., Dr. Arthur C. Jones (1946-) is a senior clinical professor of psychology at the University of Denver, Denver, Colo. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology at the University of Iowa. He is also a professional singer and has performed at community causes and concerts. He authored a book on the psychological aspects and history of spirituals titled "Wade in the water: the wisdom of spirituals". He is the founder and director of the Spirituals Project, a non-profit, tax-exempt community agency dedicated to exploring the dimensions of African American spirituals as art form, tradition and tool, and providing education, concerts, and exposure to these., Conducted Aug. 5, 1999, in Houston, TX at the National Association of Negro Musicians Convention.