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Oral History Interview with Bob Craig, 2001 May 16

Oral History Interview with Bob Craig, 2001 May 16
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2001 May 16
Sound Recording
Oral history interview with Robert Wallace Craig began with a description of the Craig family tree, including his relationships with his mother, father, and stepfather. Discussed Bob Craig's military career during World War II in the Navy and his experiences in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan and during racial integration of the Navy. Craig detailed his climbs including Devil's Thumb, Kates Needle, Mount McKinley, Mount Rainier, Longs Peak, Garden of the Gods, Shiprock, K2 and Mount Everest. Craig explained a significant accident where he feel into a crevasse. Served as president of the American Alpine Club with Bill Putnam and discussed the Alpine Club Library and his involvement in Aspen Institute. Discussed his courtship and marriage as well as his careers in design, ranching. Craig discussed in detail his leadership in the Aspen Institute and Keystone Center, both nonprofits dealing with policies regarding access to AIDS medication, environmental issues, food issues, and more. The last few hours of the interview details Craig's recollections of his K2 and Everest expeditions and his two experiences in avalanches.