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Oral History Interview with Tillie Flaks: 2 part interview

Oral History Interview with Tillie Flaks: 2 part interview
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Sound Recording
Interview includes early life in Colorado, Jewish organizations, East High School, and her career as a court reporter. Tape 1, Side A Minute 0- Family history and migration Minute 68- Victor, Colorado days 1900-1912; nature of the Jewish community; Jewish-Gentile relations; the observances of Judaism, occupations of men, Jewish identification 209- Moving to Denver, residences, feelings about moving 243- Organizations: 245 BMH, 252 Hadassah, 331- Others Tape 2, Side B (begins at minute 87 with informal conversation) 104- Days at East High School 124- Relations b/w Eastern European and German Jews 144- Social Activities 187 – Career and career experiences; education, court reporting, city attorneys; 319- Famous case: should a 13-yr-old girl be allowed to keep her illegitimate baby?; 376- experiences of Depression 418- other organizations and clubs as a young woman 467- Eastern Star and Europe trip in 1931 Tape 2, Side A 0- Continues talk of Europe trip in 1931; false store front in Berlin; African ballet 70- racial disturbances in Denver 80- Occupations of father and sister in Denver, relations with Minnie 104- Recent Jewish organization work. Rose of the Day Award 136- Words of advice to today’s Jewish woman 146- end