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Oral History Interview with Doris Spangler, Day, Whytal and Ed Whytal

Oral History Interview with Doris Spangler, Day, Whytal and Ed Whytal
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120th and Huron -- Ed Whytal moved to farm -- Western Electric -- Avaya. Whytal farm water rights from 1860 were sold to Western Electric Eastlake School -- Picture with Ed Whytal from 1920 -- School Picture from 9th grade -- Spangler, John; Van Scoy, Glen; Larson, Oscar; Phillips, Byrl; Ranum, Iver; Day, Frank (teacher) Baker School 1914 -- Ranum, Kelly (student) Day, Frank (teacher) 72nd Avenue and Federal Boulevard -- Larson Place -- LaConte Shopping Center Community Church at 80th Ave and Bradburn Blvd -- Church moved to 74th and Bradburn -- Now Westminstr Presbyterian Church -- Day, Lettie was organist, Quartet with Day, Francis; Spangler, Doris; Gillespie, Hiram and Janet Photo of Community Church Group -- Mrs. Goddert; Mr. Kelso; Mr. McDonald -- 1936 Lewis, Lavina came to church -- Mrs. Bashline early member of church Choir Director of Community Church -- Smith, Joan -- Glasgow, Beverly -- Organist Mrs. Lewis and part time Campbell, Frances Day Doris Spangler -- Came to Westminster in 1918 -- Spangler, Newton (Doris' Father) was Station Master at Depot -- He worked for Burlington Line Day, Francis was town clerk, on school board and sanitation district board, mayor. Built house on 81st. Was Mayor 1947 to 1957 except for 2 year term of England, Harvey Westminster University built by land speculator Mr. Hayman, who came from New York Soloman, John moved to Westminster in 1890's loved on north side of 76th east of Lowell. Soloman's Sister Newcomer, Anna lived with Patrick, Mary Bowles. Despain homestead from Federal to Lowell on 76th. Despain, Pleasant; DeSpain, Burt; DeSpain, Stanley; and their children NWC 72nd Ave and Federal Blvd. orphanage, Gleason's corner, service station and cabins operated by Gleason, Harry. Federal Boulevard in 1921. Dirt road population in school about 150. When Turnipke was put through, the city began growing. Day, Frances had to go fight for access to the highway. Lowell overpass was added to the plans and overpass at Sheridan. Dr. Russell delivered all the Whytals. Businesses were located at 73rd Ave and Bradburn Blvd. Dr. Russell's drugstore; Stuckey Lumber, Moffat Store-Kelso's; Hawkinsons Red and White; Rodeo Market. Bradburn Blvd named for first boy from Westminster killed in World War I. Strawson, Fred was in charge of food stamps during depression and would tell Day, Frances how many people needed help.Water was from artesian well at 81st and Lowell, Madison orchards had apples and pears