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Oral history of Angy Booker

Oral history of Angy Booker
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Booker, born in Naco, Arizona, talks about her family's history and her experiences as an African American woman in early Mesa. Her great-grand parents were slaves, and her grandfather and father were Buffalo Soldiers in the army. Her mother did laundry for a living, including for the O.S. Stapley family. She describes early downtown Mesa and mentions some businesses such as Everybody's Drugstore, the post office, J.C. Penney's, the hospital, and some churches. Booker discusses race relations in Mesa and some of the African American families who settled in Mesa. She recalls that the first church service for African Americans was held in her front yard. She talks about her schooling and teaching herself to read and write. Booker tells about her first job doing laundry for a Caucasian family and that she almost wasn't paid for her work.